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Levi x reader neck kiss

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Your fellow squad leader and best friend Mike Zacharias kept you quite busy with paperwork, a gift from the commander himself. He started to flirt with you openly, following you everywhere until his real intentions were finally revealed:. You know very well that Levi respect Mike as much as Erwin; he talking about him like this meant just one thing. After that, Levi started to lick the mark he left on your neck before starting a trail of kiss from the wounded spot to your jawline, until his lips finally met yours in a slow and sensual dance.

In the blink of an eye he undid your intricate belts and undressed you before throwing you on the bed all on four. You let out a long and loud moan, your expression changed into one of pleasure, with your eyes closed and mouth open. After a few more thurst, Levi finally came with a loud moan, riding out his orgasm until he finally stops. He just blackmailed me into helping his lazy ass out You two started to see each other a few months before your promotion and the last thing you needed was rumors of you being promoted because you fucked your superior.

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Get an Invitation. You are mine ShinyDixon Summary: Levi is very possessive, what he will do when a certain squad leader get too close to you? A grin happeared on your face. Your thoughts were interrupted by an hard pull that brought your face up.Your friends have been hurt thanks to training— but like your mother said, a kiss makes the pain go away.

levi x reader neck kiss

And the boys will surely take advantage from that. He sits down on the bench outside the place where all of the boys are. That made him turn his head on is left, and see the pretty boy he adores. The Titan Boy blushes at his caring act.

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He always thought about how he would felt in his arms; how the two of them would kiss everyday; how each other would be cuddling together in the mornings.

Cool it! Before [Name] could give an answer, Jean beat him to it, giving an irritated comment about the current situation the titan-shifter was in. No one asked for your opinion! The two boys were on their feet shouting at each other, but before anything become physical, [Name] intervened. Calm down! Watching both of you fight is amusing, but you have been annoying lately. Truth to be told, he too had some feelings towards the small boy. The comment he said made some people frown or give glares at him.

Some of them were Bertolt, Jean and Connie… Armin was occupied reading some book, but was paying attention of what was happening. Being honest, all of the boys present had something for the small boy… and [Name] was so clueless about it.

Ignoring Reiner comment with a blush, [Name] gave a warm smile to Eren, grabbing both of his hands. It worked for me, so I hope it works for you! And with that, before anyone could say anything, [Name] kissed with small peeks each one of the bruises Eren had.

Saying that the Titan Boy was a blushing mess was understandable. Everyone was surprised or glaring at the brunette; the attention he was getting from [Name] was something to get jealous for. All done! Do you feel any better Eren?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I—I feel a lot better [Name]! You have a cut in your face!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Looking beside the window sill as I fight the urge to cry. My beloved Levi had once again taken off for an expedition. Although I knew perfectly how strong he was, I still can't bring myself not to worry, but the truth is he was people claimed as 'the strongest soldier of humanity'.

Judging by my thoughts, you guys for sure knew that I had a huge crush on him.

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To be honest, ever since I was a child I looked up to him. His passion to save the humanity made me fell in love with him, his looks is just a plus. I always fancy his neatness, his toned built, his ebony locks, his steely eyes and the fact that he is a shorty. Like I'm in place to say that, I'm at least 3 inches shorter than him. Despite loving him secretly, I knew for sure that he wouldn't notice someone as me.

He is a corporal and I'm just a nurse. Tending to those who are severely injured, witnessing lots of soldiers dying. Hearing voices of people outside made me stop daydreaming, the voices are a mix of joy and suffering.

My body moved on its own, it took me seconds to reach the town from my room, it was an exaggeration but I really had to see if he was still alive. An image grew closer, I felt my eyes water as I see Erwin holding Levi on his arms.

He was lying unconscious, cold seeped through my skin when I saw his blood dripping from his head. I want to scream but no voice came out of my mouth. All I could muster is ugly sobs, feeling my heart broken each second passes. Take him to infirmary, now!

That made my mind return to reality.The shivers continued, lust rising in you as you watched him his shirt wet from your contact showing his muscular form.

levi x reader neck kiss

You watched as Levi grabbed the towel he stole from you earlier throwing it at your head as he beckoned you over to his desk, you complied feeling less awkward in just the shirt and underwear. Levi reached up grabbing the towel from your head as he slowly began drying your hair. Stay defiant, it's a real turn on. You melted into the kiss surprised that he was ignoring the mess you made as your body pushed his paperwork to the floor. You pulled back for air, shaking slightly your breath quivering as your chest heaved in your basically see through shirt.

Levi watches you his breath heavy against your skin as his gaze brushes over you lingering of your breast making your cheeks flush deeper as you bite your lip holding back a smile as Levi see's your action.

You're doing that on purpose. Your arms encircled his neck as you used your nails to comb through his ebony hair causing his breath to jump with your touch as he started tugging at his shirt to be free of the fabric confining his muscular body. Finally the buttons undid as you helped him push the shirt away, dragging your nails across his arms and then chest as he pushed his head into the crook of your neck.

You pushed your head back as he made his way back up, biting your neck in different places till he found a sensitive area just under the ribbon around your neck focusing on it. His lips moved back to yours obviously satisfied with his mark on you, caressing yours in hard hot movements as his hands took over your job removing his belt before kicking off his trousers and boots off while remaining locked with your lips.

You felt him smirk at your words as his breathing deepened pushing his hips against yours causing you to tense slightly. His kisses returned, nibbling and licking your bottom lip asking, almost begging for entry but you refused hearing him growl with frustration. He lifted you with ease, kicking a door to the side of his office open leading to, from what you could see was his bedroom. With a smile he threw you on the bed causing you to gasp before he was once again on top of you capturing your mouth with his as his tongue explored as if marking his territory, your fought for dominance as you tried to flip him over.

His hands grabbed your pinning them above your head as he pulled away for air watching you as you smiled up at him licking your lips. He raised an eyebrow his grip loosening slightly on one hand as you managed to slip it out tracing it down his body as he closed those steely eyes revelling in your touch making its way down to his manhood. Your breath hitched slightly as you felt the full length and width of him in your hand as you both moaned slightly, his eyes opening slightly with a small smirk as you appreciated his size and length.

You leaned up licking his chest with the tip of your tongue causing his member to jump slightly; he pulled you up to him so you were both in a seated position. Your hand still rubbing his member as he undid your see-through shirt grabbing your breasts and squeezing, causing you to gasp at his rough palms against your soft bare breasts.

Damn he was hot watching you with those steely grey eyes sent heat through your stomach.

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You propped yourself on your elbows watching him with burning eyes which he matched placing himself as your entrance gently rubbing against you causing you to tense with pleasure. Playing with your clit before pushing two fingers deep inside you, you're back arched as you held back a moan, god he was good. After playing with you till he was satisfied Levi moved forward bending your legs as he planted a hot kiss on your lips slipping his tongue in your mouth as you let him explore again fighting back slightly.

You met his eyes which were clouded over with lust and sensation as your pain faded to pleasure you started to move your hips to meet his in a growing rhythm. You're need growing along with a strange feeling in your lower stomach, Levi pulled out of you causing you to whimpers disappointment quietly. He moved your legs from his shoulders instructing you to wrap them around him before his lips met yours in a passionate need for you, entering you again causing you to gasp against his lips as he smile slightly moving fast and hard as your nails dug into his back causing his lips to leave your in his own gasp of pleasure.

So he liked it rough? You thought to yourself biting his lip before moving to bite his neck gently at first as he grunted in approval, continuing to push into you as you bit and kissed hid hot skin. He lay on top of you, both of your bodies pressed together as he remained inside you till you caught your breath.

He moved up onto his elbows kissing you deeply, a heat still there within him, slowly he pulled out of you causing you to jump slightly at the sudden emptiness as he smiled slightly at your reaction.

He shifted off the bed, confidently walking over to the closet opening it and grabbing a shirt before throwing it at me. You gazed over his body smiling to see him at half-mast biting your lip gently seeing him twitch at the movement.She was pressing her hand between her shoulder blades a lot, struggling to concentrate.

No wonder her back hurts like hell.

levi x reader neck kiss

Late night talks over tea was quiet common since neither of them slept. Levi tries not to take in her well defined form, instructing her to lay down on the bed. Standing on the side of the bed he lets his hands do the work. She lets out a groan as she kneads through the tight knots. He clicks in tongue. She was almost as bad as him. When he touched it, he wonder if he heard her things. Brushing it off he works on the spot.

He heard it again. Just a simple brushing of his hand caused her to moan. It was delightful to his ears. She squirms, hiding her blushing face. Turns out her neck was just as sensitive, eliciting breathless moans from her. He pounces on her, turning her over so she could see his lust filled gaze. Being his close assistant for years, it was to be expected. He constantly had her running errands. It was busy and grueling work.

He turns around when she takes off her shirt. She gives him the go ahead when she laid down on her stomach. Her skin was so warm and smooth.

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He snaps out of it, continuing to work on her lower back. It was like she was calling to him. He notices how pink her cheeks were.

Think you can help? It was hard to even sleep now. His warm hands descends on her back and she sighs softly.

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She really just did that. Levi avoids going to the doctors at all costs but when she has that on, he somehow is the first person in the office.

He wants nothing more than to tear it off. Hopping on the sink and holding his chin while her legs were wrapped around his waist, it took all his willpower not to pounce on her. Something about her shaving him was so hauntingly intimate. He could only take so much before he crumbles.

levi x reader neck kiss

There was a sensitive spot on his lower back and once she touches it a switch goes off. It makes Erwin claim her lips so he could be the one nibbling on her lips, leading to more things. Seeing that well defined body of hers, he wanted her to work out a different way with him. Adding that scent with her own unique scent, it makes his mind frazzled.

He figured going to Mitras to help Erwin with the funds would be finished by noon.Originally posted by omaewamou-shindeiru.

She felt she was reliable for their lives, she had to have their backs and this was just one way of having their backs. She knew that her life was always at stake so being brave was the best thing to do. To look death in the face and tell it to come after her when it was her time. To reap her soul and set her free in the afterlife with all of the other brave souls who might have faced the same thing as her.

She could see the fear in her fellow soldiers eyes which only meant one thing. Clearly he was upset at the two night owls. She figured he would complain about it if she did. His words were making her upset.

What was the harm of extra practice and training? He shook his head, they would end up injuring themselves the more they practiced, which would leave them both liable for being a snack to a titan. I made a promise, I am not about to break it!

Most of the moves were simple spins or fast motions of aiming and shooting the hooks of the ODM gear into the opposite direction. Made her not really upset but pause and reflect. He was rubbing it in, rubbing it in that she was just as bad as she thought she was. Think before you say, a lesson we could both learn from. Sasha time for some well deserved rest, out of anybody in these barracks you deserve it more, even more than all the captains, especially captain Levi.

Levi was taken back by her words. They were fire that seemed to burn the surrounding areas as quickly as they rolled off her tongue. Night switched to day just like that. His feet stomped down the hallway and into the girls quarters of the barracks. His feet seemed to make everybody else move out of his way as quick as they heard him and saw him in the distance. She only grumbled and tossed onto her back. She is good at what she does, hard to ever find mistakes in her fighting.

He opened up a book, which was unusual for him, but he figured he should have something to pass the time. He watched their figures leave the room, leaving him in peace to babysit his brat. He attempted to read but on multiple occasions he caught himself wandering off to look at the girl who laid in a deep sleep. He had wished to be right beside her holding her in his arms every night. He needed her to be his light in this dark world, needed her to make him feel once again. It seemed she might have needed the same.Just what happened with this man?

You lift him body, which is surprisingly light, and let one of his arm go around your neck. And with that, you could feel his hot, heavy breathing, which makes you blush. You sneak through the crowded dining hall, and begin your journey to his office. But still, you remain silent as you reach the stair, and begin to climb it up.

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Your steps echoed in the large corridor, and the only thing in your mind right now is the corporal. Damn him to be so sexy. You open the door with your hand, and close it with your foot.

Then you quicken your pace towards his bed, and finally, gently set him down on the smooth surface. You take off his cloak and his jacket, then fold it neatly and place it on his desk. So you let him be.

You raise your hand and gently stroke his black hair, and giggle to yourself.

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Levi is awake, and he caught your wrist. His steel blue eyes glared at you coldly, and you panicked. Instead of responding, Levi sits up, and strongly pulls you to his bed. You nod, but you remain still. He had your hands pinned at your side. Your sentence was cut by his soft lips crashing against yours. You wiggle between the kisses, trying to break it. But he is stronger, and he keeps kissing you roughly, but passionately.

Until he successfully earn a moan from you. With face completely red because of the kiss, you avoid his gaze and try to escape his strong grip. Levi moves your hand above your head, and pin them with one hand.

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He let go of your hand, and lie down next to you. Then he cups your face, and lick the tear away from your eyes, then trail kisses down to your cheek, and your jaw. Again, he gives you butterfly kisses as he make his way to your ear. Then Levi nibble and suck your earlobe, torturing you while he whispers naughty things. Once Levi grew bored with your ear, he climbs on top of your body, then begin to undress you. He unbuckles your harnesses, unbutton your white shirt, then takes off all of them along with your jacket.

You hear him growl when he sees you wearing a tank top, and unexpectedly, with his bare hands, he rips the garment into two. You yelp and try to cover yourself with your hands. He just chuckles, and gently removes your hand. Skillful tongue begin tongue begin to cover your cleavage with saliva. He runs his tongue repeatedly in your cleavage, which makes him earn moans and mewls from you.

His hand begins to make their way up your sides, and stopped at your bra. Levi slips his hand to your back, then unclasps it and throw it to God knows where. His hot tongue begins to move from your cleavage to your right breast, then suck on the nipples. He chuckle at your failed attempt, and he stands up, off the bed of course, and undress himself.